Action Alert – Homebrew bill: Hearing set!

Next week,  HB 2546 (the homebrew bill) has a hearing set in the House! This is great progress toward getting this bill passed. The hearing is on Monday, April 14, 2015, at 2 PM.

Leading up to the hearing, we need you guys to reach out to the committee members and ask them, politely and respectfully, to SUPPORT HB 2546

Chair: Rep. Wayne Smith (512) 463-0733
Vice Chair: Rep. Roland Gutierrez (512) 463-0452
Rep. Charlie Geren (512) 463-0610
Rep. Craig Goldman (512) 463-0608
Rep. Ryan Guillen (512) 463-0416
Rep. John Kuempel (512) 463-0602
Rep. Borris Miles (512) 463-0518
Rep. Doug Miller (512) 463-0325
Rep. Senfronia Thompson (512) 463-0720

Everyone is More than welcome to attend and be prepared to make a short statement, but the best support you can give is to register in favor of the bill but not testify (or submit written testimony).

HOW TO – Submit written testimony:

If you would like to submit testimony, please write a short (two paragraph) letter addressed to the Chair and Members of the House Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures on why you like the bill. Bring 10 copies (or send it to us electronically and our lobbyists will submit it). Include your name, address and phone number. Personalized stories are the most effective. Keep it simple and focus on the bill. Also- very important: Personal stories should not involve being hammered.

This is the Bill Analysis provided to the Sponsor, Representative Springer, if you need any talking points:

Statute Amended:

Alcoholic Beverage Code, Section 109.22 (b)

Interpretation of Current Statute:

A person participating in an organized brewing competition may deliver beer produced and manufactured by the person to a location NOT licensed under Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and submit the product for evaluation for:

  • an organized tasting competition that is closed to the general public, or
  • by a reviewer whose reviews are to be published; if:

no charge is made for the beer, its deliver, or attendance of the event and the commission consents to the delivery in writing.

Targeted Problem:

That locations licensed under the TABC are ineligible to host the aforementioned competitions.

Effect of HB 2546:

The proposed bill would strike the location restriction meaning that TABC licensed places could host home brew competitions.

Additional Information:

As far back as the 77th Texas Legislative Session, no such bill has been filed that would amend Section 109.22 (b) of the Alcohol Beverage Code.