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HB2546 Update: Homebrew Bill Moving to the House!

Two days ago, HB 2546, Rep. Drew Springer’s (R-68) bill to ease homebrewing restrictions had a hearing in the Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee. The hearing was short and sweet, which is just how everyone likes it if the results are favorable.

And they were! Today, the committee has announced that HB 2546 “Relating to the location of home-produced wine, ale, malt liquor or beer competitions” was voted favorably from the committee and will have its chance on the House floor.

Now […]

CALL TO ACTION for SB1386 Update (Off-Premise Brewery Sales)

SB 1386, the bill that would allow consumers to buy directly from breweries for off-premise consumption, is currently delayed.

OTT members and friends:

As you may have seen on Twitter or Facebook, the planned-for-today Senate hearing for SB 1386 was postponed, and we need your help to get it back on track!

Just to recap: SB 1386 would allow consumers to purchase up to two cases of beer per month directly from breweries (think of special, limited releases or a six-pack after a […]