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A Note on Politics, Beer, and What’s to Come

Back in the fall of 2011 I remember sitting at a picnic table at the Petrol Station in Houston, TX and hashing out the broad strokes of an organization that would eventually become Open The Taps.


These few years later I’ve learned two things about the political process in in the Great State of Texas:

1.       Discussion and debate in Austin is filled with nuance and grey area – much more than I ever imagined, and issues I thought were purely black or white are more complex in almost all cases

Legislative Update: Senate Hearing


The first legislative hurdle for the craft beer bills takes place tomorrow morning at 8 am when the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce lays out the four bills (along with numerous others on the agenda) for consideration.  Without getting too deep in the weeds on the legislative process, each bill has essentially five hurdles that need to be cleared before they become laws:  Senate committee approval; full Senate approval; House committee approval; full House approval and finally a signature from the Governor. 


OTT Strategy Update: Gearing up for the 2013 Legislative Session

Open The Taps is pleased to announce that as of December 1st, 2012, we have signed a contract with well-known lobbying firm, Cornerstone Government Affairs. They will be guiding our strategy and actions for the entirety of the session. We are currently in the evaluation stages of determining how to best accomplish our goals. Please send us any of your questions, comments or concerns as we will be compiling them for a future FAQ for the website, and we'd like to hear your feedback.

Texas House of Representative Research Organization Report: Small craft producers seek alcohol regulation revisions

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012, The Texas House of Representatives released a study on the alcohol regulations currently in place and a review of proposed changes from within the industry. This study is a result of the outcry from breweries, brewpubs, and consumers, to loosen the restrictions they are faced with in getting their product to the consumer.