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Texas Craft Brewers Guild Economic Impact Study

If you have not already seen the report released by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, you can download it here
From the Guild's website:

The Craft Beer Bills are now Law: Thank You!

As of Friday, June 14, 2013 the five craft beer bills (SB 515-518 & 639) are now law, thanks to a timely signature from Governor Perry. With the overwhelming majority votes the bills received in both chambers, the laws are effective immediately.

Legislative Update: How the Craft Beer Bills Benefit Consumers

How Does the Package of Craft Beer Bills Benefit the Consumers?

Legislative Update: Why Didn't We Get Off-Premise Sales For Craft Breweries?

Why Didn’t We Get Off-Premise Sales at Craft Breweries??

Legislative Update: On To The Full House!


Legislative Update: Craft Beer Bills Moving Again

Craft Beer Bills Moving Again!

Legislative Update: The Beer Bills Pass the Senate!

Craft Beer Bills Pass the Senate, On to The House

Legislative Update: Full Senate to Vote Next Week

Expectations High that Senate will pass Craft Beer Bills Next Week!

Legislative Update: House Committee Meeting and Next Steps

Craft Brewers, Consumers, and other players in the Texas Beer Industry Comfortable with Package of Bills

UPDATED: Legislative Update: House Committee Hearing Scheduled

Update: Action Alert!

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