Legislative Update: Full Senate to Vote Next Week

Expectations High that Senate will pass Craft Beer Bills Next Week!

We have talked with the Senate sponsor of SBs 515-518 and understand that the Senate will likely take up and consider SB 515 and SB 518 on Monday, March 25th, and SB 516 and 517 on Tuesday, March 26th. We feel good about having made this much progress with the bills this early in the session.  By the end of next week, we expect that they will be ready to move though the House voting process any time. The House will bring the Senate Bills over to their companion locations in committee and then the committee will vote on the Senate Bills.  At that point, the House Bills will be dead and the Senate Bills will be the vehicles that move through the process. After that, the bills wil be voted on by the House and sent to the Governor's desk, if passed.


We understand we have strong support in the Senate so there is no action necessary right now, but please stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds as things can change with very little notice. 


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