Legislative Update: How the Craft Beer Bills Benefit Consumers

How Does the Package of Craft Beer Bills Benefit the Consumers?

Now that the bills have passed, you’re probably wondering:  “What does it all mean for us, the craft beer drinkers of Texas?”  Great question.  The simple answer is that these bills will open the door for more entrepreneurs and small businesses to open craft breweries and brew pubs.  Current laws make it very difficult to start new operations unless you have extremely deep pockets and the unshakeable patience to wait years before turning a profit.  We we believe these bills will also encourage the growth and expansion of existing craft beer operations.  The changes will lead to better distribution in bringing these products to consumers through local retail establishments.  Under the laws that Texas has had on the books since the Prohibition Era, it was extremely unlikely that the craft beer industry would have been able to reach its full growth potential.    

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