Legislative Update: The Beer Bills Pass the Senate!

Craft Beer Bills Pass the Senate, On to The House

Monday, SBs 515, 518, and 639 were brought up for a vote on the Senate floor, all passing nearly unanimously. Today the final two bills in the package, SBs 516 and 517 were passed unanimously. Next, the bills will be substituted for their companion House versions in the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee for a vote before being sent to the full House for a vote on the floor. Once they pass these next two steps, the bills will be sent to the Governor. At this point we are looking at three possible outcomes (the first being the most likely at this point): 


1.  ALL SYSTEMS GO: The House unanimously passes the bills and the Governor signs the bills and they become law effective with the Governor’s signature. 


2.  PASSAGE, BUT WITH SOME OPPOSITION: If the House passes the bills, but by less than a 2/3rds margin, and the Governor signs it, then the bills become effective September 1, 2013 (the start of the next fiscal year).  Similarly, with House passage the bills go to the Governor, but the Governor doesn't sign the bills (or veto them)and they still become law on September 1, 2013.  Under Texas law, when the Legislature is in session, the Governor has 10 days to review a bill and either sign or veto the bill.  Once the session is ended, the Governor has 20 days to make that decision, and if he does neither the bill becomes law by default.


3. BAD NEWS:  The House kills the bills or The Governor vetoes the bills.


We do not anticipate the latter two scenarios happening but we wanted everyone to understand the various ways this could play out. We are still cautiously optimistic, as the progress on these bills has been tremendous. 


Action Alert:

It's time to call your House Representative to let them know, as a constituent/voter/consumer, that you support this package of bills and would appreciate their support as well. Please, as always, be polite and respectful. 


If you need to know who represents you, please search your address on our website to find out. 


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