Legislative Update: Why Didn’t We Get Off-Premise Sales For Craft Breweries?

Why Didn’t We Get Off-Premise Sales at Craft Breweries??

While we are pleased about the package of bills that the Texas Legislature is poised to pass and the Governor will then sign into law, OTT members and friends have asked questions about why we were unsuccessful in allowing craft breweries to sell their products for off-premise consumption.  Along with Chip at Live Oak Brewery in Austin, we fought hard for this goal at the beginning of the process, but we were informed that it would have put the rest of the package in jeopardy.  Several members who attended the working group from other sectors of the industry were fiercely opposed to a personal consumption limit.  We decided that getting 85% of what we wanted was better than betting everything and coming up empty.  The issue is still very much a priority for us, but in the interest of choosing our battles wisely, we will have to wait until next session to fight that one. However, we were very vocal about this issue every step of the way and pertinent legislators are aware of our intentions to achieve this major win for craft breweries and have been verbally supportive, laying the groundwork for next session.



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