Craft beer and beer laws in Texas have been in the news lately. Here are some links to stories and posts we've found interesting:

Texas Craft Brewers Guild releases economic impact study of potential of Texas Craft Brewing Industry
Texas Craft Brewers Guild
Official release of the impact study from Scott Metzger, founder & CEO of Freetail Brewing and UTSA Economics professor. The actual study can be found here

The Greatest Gathering of Artisan Brewers in the History of the Universe, and Why It Could Never Happen in Texas
Jester King official blog
Jester King evaluates the possibilities of an event like the Shelton Brothers/12% Imports Festival being held in Texas, and finds the case nearly impossible to make due to the beer laws/taxation rules in Texas.

Free beer: Let's loosen up on craft brewers.
Houston Chronicle Editorial Board
The Houston Chronicle chimes in with an Op-Ed piece advocating in favor of the changes outlined by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

Howard Wolf's Position Paper on influence of lobbies against change in Texas alcoholic beverage laws
Howard Wolf, member of the 2007 Sunset Commission hearings on the TABC
This isn't exactly recent news - but this paper is required reading for anyone interested in changing beer laws in Texas, as is the actual report of the Sunset Commission. Don't some of those recommendations look familiar? Why haven't they all been implemented 5 years and two legislative sessions later?  Mr. Wolf posits it's the effect of various powerful lobbies in Austin.