A huge thank you from Open The Taps to two very special craft beer bars in Texas.  Our first thank you goes to Ben and Houston’s own Petrol Station for hosting our official 1 year anniversary party.  Ben went over the top in providing a bunch of special kegs for the event as well as doing an amazing job of promoting the party.  Ben and Petrol are huge supporters and promoters of craft beer in Texas.  This little bar in the northern parts of Houston is a two time national winner of Stone’s Most Bitter Bar contest, which is awesome!  Their dedication to craft beer has shown as they have continued to grow and expand.  Because of Petrol Stations help and dedication to the cause we were able to raise well over $1000 at our 1 year anniversary party.
Our second thank you goes to Corey and The Common Table in Dallas.  Corey and TCT have been huge supporters of OTT since day one.  They hosted our first ever event in Dallas and again hosted our 1 year party up there as well.  It was because of people like Corey and TCT urging us along that we developed a system to accept donations from companies, and TCT was our very first one.  Corey has done amazing things in Dallas to help grow the craft beer culture, and I would say that the city has one of the most exciting beer scenes going on in the state right now.  All of the above alone would call for a big thank you, but this past weekend Corey really outdid himself.  TCT hosted our one year party, brought out a lot of special beers for the occasion, promoted the hell out of the event, and helped us break every single day donation record OTT has ever had.  Because of Corey and TCT’s help we raised over $3500 in one day!  If that wasn’t enough, the new members we signed up drove us to over 500 members! 
It is because of people like Ben and Corey, and bars like Petrol Station and The Common Table that Open the Taps exists.  We want people like them to succeed to get more people to drink craft beer.  These are people passionate about craft beer, just like you and just like me.  They, like us have a desire to change the laws in Texas to make it a more friendly state for craft beer.  These donations and new members we’ve gotten because of these two people will bring us ever closer to completing our goals and ensuring that Texas has common sense beer legislation passed to benefit you, the consumers.  So whether you live in Houston, or Dallas, take a special visit out to one of these two places and enjoy a nice local craft brew.