Our Mission and Goals

capitolIn 2011, Open The Taps was created for the sole purpose of bettering the craft beer environment in the state of Texas for craft beer drinkers. We believe that if the consumers speak with one voice, our legislators will hear it loud and clear.

We proved that during the 2013 legislative session when, with the help of you, the consumer, we helped ensure passage of some of the most comprehensive craft beer legislation in two decades. During this session, we achieved two of our biggest goals – as ranked by our members – of allowing breweries to sell beer on-site and to allow brewpubs to distribute their beer elsewhere in the state.

However, even with the success in 2013, we are not done, and we know that our members – the consumers – are not completely satisfied. Based on conversations with our members, we have put together a list of our next goals, which include allowing breweries to sell for off-site consumption, allowing bars with mixed beverage permits to sell beer to go, and changing the way festivals work in Texas. We intend to prioritize these and other goals by again polling our members in the near future.

Open The Taps believes that accomplishing our goals will help put Texas on par with other states that support craft beer and will make Texas a thriving market for it as well. The successes of 2013 have already demonstrated that this is the case, as Texas begins to be a more beer-friendly state. As we get closer to the 2015 session watch out for blog posts that will discuss our strategies on accomplishing our goals to further this aim.