Update: 2015 Session (3.18.15)

Since our last post on HB 3389 and our latest newsletter, here is what has developed:

We have a bill filed with Representative Springer for homebrewing issues ‪- HB2546‬ http://t.co/AwVUbirbuJ

Representative Senfronia Thompson has implied she will not move forward with HB 3389, see her statement here.

A little background:

Our lobbyist talked directly with Rep. Thompson’s staff regarding this bill and we are happy to report that they have no intention of asking for a committee hearing or any further action on this bill (that means that it is basically dead). Thanks to all of you that contacted her office in opposition to the bill. It was explained that several of the interested lobbyists (distributors, retailers, brewers, etc.) were working various angles on changes to the package of bills from 2013 and that Rep. Thompson felt it necessary to file this bill to remind everyone that in her mind the spirit of the negotiations should continue from last session. One could argue that she successfully got everyone’s attention, and she also discovered the noise that the consumers (yep, that’s us) can make on the issues. While we are confident that this is dead; it could rear its head like a zombie later in the session if things get ugly again between the interested parties. If something like that were to occur, we will be activating you again to put the zombie out of its misery.

Later this week, we will be posting an update on the other bills we are pursuing, but at this point, thank you again for calling and emailing on HB 3389, defending the progress made in 2013.