UPDATED: Legislative Update: House Committee Hearing Scheduled

Update: Action Alert!

We ask that our members and followers contact their House Representative to voice their support for the package of bills in advance of the committee hearing on Tuesday. While hearing from constituents in the districts of committee members is the most effective, everyone is welcome to call the committee to voice their support. The committee phone: 512-463-0798. To find out what district you live in, please use our look-up feature on the website. You can also see which Representatives are on the pertinent committee.


On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, the Craft Beer Bills will be heard in the House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee before being voted on by the committee and then sent to the full House of Representatives. HBs 1763-1766 will be substituted so that they will be identical to SBs 515-518 and can run concurrently through the committee process. The bills will be finalized with either the House or Senate bills, depending on which moves faster through the process and they may end up needing a joint conference committee to hash out any differences. (Those steps are further down the line, we are focused on the next step: Tuesday's Committee hearing.) 


The hearing will begin at 12 noon, or after adjournment in room E1.010. This hearing is open to the public and Open The Taps will be present to testify. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook account for live commentary.


The schedule for the hearing can be found here


More information about the Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee can be found here.

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